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At Master Label, we offer the option to order labels on a roll or on a sheet, according to your needs. The process of ordering personalised labels is simple and intuitive, allowing you to configure your labels to perfectly suit your requirements. With a wide selection of materials and finishes, you can order labels to perfectly match any type of product. At Master Label, you can order your labels in small quantities, plus you won't pay die-cutting fees.

Order your labels in small quantities at Master Label.

In the production process we use digital printing technology and laser cutting equipment. Digital label printing also allows you to print labels with variable data when you need to include unique numbering, barcodes or various graphic elements.

Personalised labels

At Master Label, we offer a convenient online calculator for ordering personalised labels. Well-designed product labels not only distinguish your product from the competition, but you can also include informative information on your product, such as ingredients, safety rules, etc. The online label calculator makes it quick and easy to calculate the labels that meet your needs. Simply enter the basic parameters, such as quantity, dimensions, material and shape, and you will immediately see their price. In addition, the calculator allows you to select the type of packaging and important parameters related to the automatic labelling of products, such as the diameter of the coil or the orientation of the roll. With this tool, you can quickly and efficiently find out the price of your labels on a roll and place an order for personalised labels for your products.

Perfect quality for your labels - how to prepare the file for printing

Before printing your label, it's important to prepare your design according to our requirements, so read the information on our website. Ensuring that the design conforms to our guidelines ensures high quality and precision, which translates into quality and satisfaction with the final product. To ensure high print quality, graphics should be prepared at a resolution of 300 - 360 dpi. In addition, ensure that fonts have been converted to curves and that any bleeds and safe area have been maintained. Attention to these details ensures that the final product will be aesthetically pleasing and as expected.

Unique label with enhancements

At Master Label, in addition to standard labels, you can order labels with enhancements such as 3d and 3d Max varnishing and with silvering and gilding, selective matt and glossy varnishing. The enhancements allow the user to make physical contact with the product (label) through the sense of touch. The haptic characteristics of objects refer to their physical properties, such as the mattness or smoothness of the surface or the 3D-structure that can be felt under the fingers. Thanks to receptors in the skin, we are able to perceive a variety of impulses, which influences our perception of the product. These additional enhancements applied to the label allow us to give our customers a higher appreciation of the quality of our product, increase its prestige and place it in a higher price bracket. Touch is the perfect complement to visual stimuli, and their harmonious interaction helps to build new or deepen existing brand relationships.

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