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Polypropylene labels are much more durable than paper labels, and are used where high durability and resistance to abrasion and weather conditions are essential. Popular in the food industry. They are used on rigid packaging, plastic containers, frozen products, as well as products that require special applications (e.g. tires).

Foil labels on a roll

Printed labels are produced as labels on a roll, which are wound on a roll after being printed. A roll made of thick cardboard is used here, as adjusted to the diameter of the label applicator available at the customer's site. Theoretically, any roll core diameter is possible, but in practice 26, 40, 50 and 76 mm diameter rolls are mainly used. Pay special attention to the direction of winding labels onto the roll, so that the labels are properly applied on the product. Labels are usually wound either inside or outside of the label roll.

Universal foil labels

Our labels can take any shape, according to the Customer's needs. Thanks to this technological improvement we provide solutions for large batches and short product lines. The material of the liner the label remains on until it is removed and stuck is made of thin parchment-satin paper or a special foil intended for use in special machines labelling at a very high speed. Since the sticky side of the label is very often placed on the liner material, an additional layer of silicone is placed between the label and the liner, which makes it easier to separate the label from the liner. After the labels have been applied, the carrier material is no longer needed, and can be recycled.

Easy label application

The finished label rolls are packed and safely delivered to the customer. The customer places the label rolls on a label application machine. There are a variety of label application devices available, ranging from simple manual table labellers to fully automatic machines labelling with great speed and efficiency.

Our modern machine park allows us to obtain even the most fanciful shapes thanks to modern methods of die-cutting self-adhesive labels. The solutions we offer are savings for the Customers, and the final result which allows them to stand out among other products.

Available colour versions: white, silver, transparent, clear, OPQ

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